Meet Moziah Bridges The 13 Year Old CEO With A Six-Figure Salary

When I heard about Moziah Bridges, the first thing I thought was, “what am I doing with my life?”

At 9, most of us were probably plotting how to run away from our parents, or hiding the TV remote so we could watch our favorite TV channels in peace but not Moziah Bridges. This is debatable since I believe every kid has been through this phase. Haha, but I digressed.

Moziah is the CEO of Mo’s Bows. At 9, his grand mother taught him how to sew bow-ties that would make him look sharp. And we’re sure glad he paid attention. He started out making ties with some of her fabric scraps for himself. Later on, he sold them to local stores and now has a fortuitous online business. He has raked in $200,000 and also has a staff of 5 on his payroll.

bridges and models

His venture landed him on some big show including the Steve Harvey show, Shark Tank, Squawk Box, New York City’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and even some recognition in Oprah’s O magazine. It was on Shark Tank that he secured a mentor-ship deal with Daymond John, whom he picked over a $50,000 dollars investment and royalties from Kevin O’Leary. Wow.

His choice seems to have done the trick, because under his mentorship with Daymond John, he was able to land licensing deals with Neiman Marcus and Cole Haan where his ties are being sold. On his inspiration, Moziah says;

“I like to wear bow-ties because they make me look good and feel good. Designing colourful bow ties is just part of my vision to make the world a fun and happier place”.

moziah bridges

And he isn’t lying. Young Bridges has already launched a charity arm called the Go Mo! Scholarship bow tie. He uses all of the earnings from the sales of these ties to support kids to go to summer camp. “I feel like it’s good to help the community and that’s what I’m doing” says the young CEO who hopes to launch his fashion line at the age of 20.

As old as I am, Moziah does inspire me to follow my dreams and do more for my community. The presence of big fashion companies didn’t even seem to deter him from going ahead with his dreams. Go Mo!!

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