Meet the muslim student, Faatimah Knight who raised $30,000 to help fix black churches destroyed by fire

Today, they have managed to raise just under $30,000 – money that will be used to help up to seven churches that were destroyed in the American south in the aftermath of the Charleston shooting and the campaign against the Confederate flag.

“We have been overwhelmed by how generous people have been,” Ms Knight, 23, told The Independent. “We will stop it today…We will figure out how to distribute the money.”


The fire at Charlotte’s Briar Creek Road Baptist Church

Ms Knight’s campaign – carried out as Muslims around the world marked the festival of Ramadan – followed a smaller, more modest enterprise she had set in motion in the days after the shooting dead of nine people at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on June 17. She and some friends wanted to gather $500 to send flowers; they ended up raising $900.

And when she and the same friends read about the series ofchurches that were burned down and the probe by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they similarly wanted to act. At least three of the fires were said to have been arson – with fears they may have been destroyed by people disgruntled by moves against the Confederate flag.

A number of Muslim organisations have responded to her call, including the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, the Arab American Association of New Yorkand Ummah Wide, but she said people of other faiths had also donated.

“It’s Ramadan and we are experiencing firsthand the beauty and sanctity of our mosques during this holy month,” says a message posted on the website.

A church in South Carolina burns after a fire breaks out on June 30, 2015A church in South Carolina burns after a fire breaks out on June 30, 2015

“ALL houses of worship are sanctuaries, a place where all should feel safe, a place we can seek refuge when the world is too much to bear.”

Ms Knight, a Masters student at the Chicago Theological Seminary, said of her acquaintances some people had questioned the campaign and asked why she was raising money for Christian houses of worship, as opposed to a Muslim cause. But most were supportive.

She Islam taught of the need to protect the weak and vulnerable. She said while the black Christian communities of the South might not be weak, they were vulnerable.

“I’m a black person and I do identify with the wider black community at that level,” she said. “Historically, the black community has been vulnerable.”

She added: “Traditionally, when we have been on our best behaviour, we have created space for other faiths, and let people worship as they see fit.”


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  1. This is a wonderful news and therefore the need to present it well. I do think the writer is lazy but a little careless. Please spend time and go over your articles and correct the mistakes before you post. Thank you.

  2. Please i am interested in your story Muslim student raise fund for burnt churches i will appreciate sending it to my mail. thanks yours

  3. Very nice approch, hopes one day you would put hads in help to our local community. i pray to Allah to accept your good works and give wisedom and more effort to help without realizing the diffrences of faith, racism or geographycal location. May Allah reward you and make paradise your preceous abude.

  4. indeed she’s not a Muslim , even if she’s a muslim
    then she lost her faith, building a church where
    someone other than Allah will be worship is a
    Great shirk, we must reveal the truth we’ll not hide the truth just to make others happy.

    • I hate to see people who are not educated properly about Islam, make irresponsible comments. She is indeed a Muslim serving to bring Mercy to mankind regardless of faith. That’s the mission of any Muslim who truly follows the example of Prophet Muhammad. The Quran clearly states that if people do not stand up to protect places of worship they will be destroyed. Uneducated Muslims do a lot of harm.

    • I hate to see people who are not educated properly about Islam, make irresponsible comments. She is indeed a Muslim serving to bring Mercy to mankind regardless of faith. That’s the mission of any Muslim who truly follows the example of Prophet Muhammad. The Quran clearly states that if people do not stand up to protect places of worship they will be destroyed. Uneducated Muslims do a lot of harm.

    • Please be get some education about Islam before commenting. Islam is all about letting others practice their faith. If you do otherwise, like hurt them, burned down their churches etc it’s against everything Muhammed(Peace be upon him) taught. You are not following the religion.

  5. Nice and thankful whatever she has done, that is the real Muslim believes, Muslim has wisdom saying you have to help whoever in need without race, color, and faith

  6. wonderfull, I PROMISE you that the ALMIGHTY GOD will never fail to reward that effort,but i personally preffer such effort to be chanelled to the less previlaged ones in our society, because the church have failed us, moreover God preffers not live in those constructed structures rather than the structured heart of men.thank you

  7. Well! i just wanna question Ms. Knight, what is her reason behind this? and does islam permits her to support a religion that is not islam?

    • Yes Islam is all about helping and make sure people of faith are able to practice their faith without prosecution. Muhammed(Peace be upon him) made several messages/talked about it. Please be educated about Islam before commenting. Muhammed(Peace be upon him) said you can’t hurt, deter, oppress, burned down churches etc of the people of other faiths. They can live, worship and have their own legal systems in the muslim communities/countries. We must protect them if we are stronger. This what he preached and how he lived his life.

  8. She has done a great and important deed.
    It is an expression of Islamic compassion and daw’ah that has its bases in The Qur’an where it speaks of protecting places of worship (including churches). May Allah(swt) bless her abundantly and i hope that we all do even more to strengthen the fragile and vulnerable establishment of islam and “indigenous” muslim infrastructure in this country as well. That would be balanced. – Peace!

  9. @samir umar. Do you know the circumstances of Muslims in USA today? She has used a wonderful HIKMAH (wisdom) which in sha Allah will attract blessings from Allah.

  10. indeed this is a muslim with the spirit of jesus,i pray that God will use you to bring repentance in ur muslim faith.

  11. InshaAllah your deeds and intensions are accepted. I believe that more Muslims should set an example for the world to see. Your kind deeds will allow others InshaAllah to have a more open view of the true Islam and and the beauty of it. Perhaps your deeds wil lead others to practice Islam.
    While it is true that many Christians errantly deify Jesus (pbuh), there are also Christians who do not. InshaAllah those who were blind before will have their eyes opened and will come to the true Islam without coercion.

  12. @Umar S kawu , there’s no any circumstance a muslim is allowed to build a church , its just like she supported the christianity by her deeds, just like she converted by her deeds

    • There Is Nothing Bad in what she did. Christian as th highest donation in the construction ilorin central mosque

  13. A non muslim lady used to throw dirt on the beloved prophet peace be upon him daily. It so happened that 1 day she didn’t. Upon enquiry by the beloved prophet peace be upon him he was told she was sick. We find that he actually went to visit her!. Point hikmah and compassion is not only for muslims. ..its for mankind. Also read #trip to taif. History.

  14. she is wonderfully created by God she has a God fearing heart that is why she is doing this and she love God so much. God bless u dear sister

  15. So Allah burned down the Church and this stupid girl and the co- muslim living in America challenge Allah and said we’ll build it for the again, I pity her in her grave and in the day Alqiyamah , she will tell Allah the reason they build where someone other than the Almighty Allah will be worshiped , I don’t even think if those so called muslims in America and Europe are muslims they’re just Bearing islamic name and their heart and Deeds show something different.
    The truth is Vital but we must say it.

  16. she has done well however i wonder if a muslim will want to pursue a Masters degree in theology at the Chicago
    Theological Seminary. is the school and her course of study not meant to produce christian pastors ????.

  17. hmmm, if this girl enter northern part of nigeria now her fellow muslim will just stone her to dead cos to them she has commited haram. May God almighty bless her for her gesture

  18. she did what she felt was right and by doing that, it shows the magnitude of love to human kind no matter the religion. this life is so simple but we make it difficult by some religious, racism, cultural reasons.

  19. God used his time, resources and all he had to create human structure. God was never a partial nor was he a selfish God he created everything and said all was good and since all was good in the eyes of God, then God never uses his time to differentiat between christians and muslims, he made them to be one and to be in peace to one another. The reason why people hate each others today is becouse of self freedom and self willin God has given to humanity to do whatever the feels like. This woman knew that the God of the christians and that of the muslims is one, she did this to show the world as a theologians that she understood the secret plan of God. May the lord bless her and protect her from the hands of the wicket onece and those who blem her for doing this. Indeed she did the best

  20. I am glad and yet very appreciative to this lady. May Allah guide her.
    We must preach love not hatred because Islam is all about love irrespective of the propaganda.
    I also thank those who supported her may Allah reward them.
    Fighting for religion makes no sense but uniting humanity build a greater religion.
    We are rather in a confusing world today to an extend that people kill, hate destroy in the name of faith. But that shouldn’t come of us as the new generation. God(Allah) is one and we are all His Creations.

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