Missing Man Who Sent His Mom Chilling Texts From Inside Orlando Club Is Among The Dead

The Orlando man who sent his mother chilling text message updates from inside a Pulse nightclub bathroom has been confirmed as one of the dead.

Mina Justice shared the messages with reporters early Sunday as she awaited news about her son, 30-year-old Eddie Justice, in the hours after a gunman entered the gay bar and killed dozens of patrons.

On Monday, as the names of the 49 victims came to light, Eddie Justice’s was among them.The string of terrified messages to his mother came as Justice and others tried to hide in a club bathroom only to be taken hostage by the gunman, Omar Mateen, and his AR-15 assault rifle.

Justice’s first message was sent just after 2 a.m. It read, “Mommy I love you,”

The next message read, “In club they shooting.”

After Justice begged his mother to call police in subsequent messages, the texts took an even darker turn.

In the bathroom, he told his mom. “I’m gonna die.” Then, a final message: “He has us, and he’s in here with us.”

The City of Orlando posted a list of all the victims Monday, ending what Mina Justice called the “hell” of not knowing what had become of her son.

Eddie Justice was one of those 49 names, shot dead in Pulse by Mateen, 29.

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