Monitor Shows Tiny Ghost Baby Sleeping Next To Child

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A British couple was startled after witnessing a paranormal visitor. Laura Haigh, a mother of four from Devon in Southwest England said that she and her partner Dean Evans were checking on their son one night through the baby monitor when they noticed a strange object lying close to him.

When they looked closer they were shocked to see a spirit-like figure appearing to wave objects around her 18-month-old son Sebastian’s room and cuddle up next to him. Evans raced quickly upstairs expecting that his son was probably just laying next to his teddy bear.

When he reached him, he looked into the crib but found that his son was sleeping alone and the crib was empty. They checked the monitor again, but the unexplained shape was still there. Devon even said that they stayed up to watch the figure and it moved multiple times throughout the night

According to the parents, it stayed in his crib for four hours. It moved positions a few times but it remained next to Sebastian as he slept. The video that they have is time-stamped at 9:21 on June 8th.

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According to Haigh, Evans was astonished to see the figure on the monitor and not in the crib when he went to check. She states, “He was a bit spooked as he doesn’t believe in that kind of thing and just can’t explain it”

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The parents say that they checked the cameras to see if there was a glitch that was causing the image to be distorted, but they found nothing wrong with it. Meanwhile, the ghost baby paid them no mind and stayed with Sebastian.

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The mother said that when the couple told their friends what happened they found it really creepy. The baby poltergeist moved positions a few times, but only left when it was Sebastian’s feeding time.

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The mother is open-minded about the potential paranormal experience and now finds it rather amusing. She said that as long as Sebastian didn’t seem to be upset by the visit, there was really no harm in it.

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Apparently, the occurrence is not all that surprising for the couple as Haigh claims that she often hears random noises throughout the house, notices objects disappearing, and sometimes finds pictures on the walls turned upside down or knocked over.

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Apparently, they even see orbs around the house all the time and in some of their photos, Haigh says that she has spotted shadows in the background of their photos that resemble people.

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This is as ‘Paranormal Activity’ as it gets. It’s pretty awesome that Sebastian seemed to have a peaceful sleep anyhow and the visitor, though somewhat creepy, was friendly. Even ghosts need a nap sometimes.

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