Muhammad Ali Was a Legend in the ring But His Mouth Turned Him Into a Global Superstar

Muhammad Ali’s quick feet and hands made him a giant in the ring … but his mouth turned him into a global star.

His silver tongue was more than a match for everyone he met – whether it was the biggest pop band on the planet, politicians or even the Pope.

His verbal sparring with chat show host Michael Parkinson and motormouth football manager Brian Clough were TV gold – and there was always only ever one winner, the Louisville Lip.

The Greatest was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Presidents including George W Bush and Bill Clinton, and even traded playful blows with South African leader Nelson Mandela.

And his legendary status allowed him to appear on the same stage as the biggest celebrity names including Diana Ross, Angelina Jolie , Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jackson and Bono.

Source: sde

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