5 Musical Instruments You Never Heard About

Music is both passion and life! Expressing ourselves with a combination of notes that can truly make one feel is at times far more powerful, than simply putting our unexplained emotions in word. And even though today computer-generated music is on the rise, the truth is that nothing can create music as powerful as a music instrument. Having in mind the huge variety of musical instruments around the world, it’s not surprising that you simply can’t remember all of them. Not to worry, we’ve come to your rescue presenting you with 10 of the most beautiful and incredible musical instruments you didn’t know existed!

One of the most unique musical instruments in exsitence, the Rumitone is a spinning percussion instruments, which generates amazing tone sounds. With its tubes moving outwards and spinning, along with a metal platform, the Rumitone can make sound either by breath, mallets or a number of other things in between.

The Sea Organ


Prodcuing music through the interaction of sea waves with the tubes beneath the steps, the Sea Organ was designed by Nikola Bašić and can be found in Zadar, Croatia. It has won the European Prize for Urban Public Space in 2006.

The Jew’s Harp

You might have noticed the Jew’s Harp mentioned in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” but did you know what it actually is? Quite strange in its design, the Jew’s harp is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to add some flavor to their beatboxing skills.

The Kantele

A cross between a harp and a zither, the Kantele produces unique echo-y sounds that are not common to the harp. With a sound similar to a bell, this musical instruments attaches a special haunting feeling to every note.

The Wheelharp

The wheelharp is one of those instruments created by music enthusiasts who want to achieve a unique sound. Having 61 keys, which push strings down onto the wheel when pressed, the Wheelharp creates sound based on the pressure applied to the pedal controlling the wheel.


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