You Must See This! Russian Scientist Photographs Soul Leaving Body And Quantifies Chakras.


Some people believe that soul exists and some people believe that the soul does not exist. And Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov is with those people that believe in existence of soul. And to prove that soul exists he photographed a soul that is leaving the body. He alsoquantified chakras.

The beliefs that soul exists has been part of the human culture for millennia and will there ever be a real evidence that will prove that the soul exists is the real question.
We can compare the existence of soul with the existence of gravity because we can feel or see the effects of both of them.

Let’s go back in the nineties when Konstantin Korotkov created something very interesting. What this professor at the St. Petersburg Federal created was nothing new, because that technology was created so many times through different means. He created a device that is based of ancient Chinese system of energy meridians. He named his device GVC. So how does that device actually work? Well it uses small electrical current that is connected to the finger tips and less than millisecond is needed to send signals. And when these electric charges are pulsed through the human body, the human body will respond naturally with a kind of ‘electron cloud made up of light photons. And that glow can be captured with optical CCD camera system and that can be translated onto computer.

And different organs and systems in the body are represented by each sect of the finger tip. And the computer program will project the figure of the body and it will place a type of auric cloud around it that is correspondence with each chakra.

In the ancient Ayurvedic Indian medicine there are 7 main energy points and Konstantin’s idea was based on that.

Each chakra is represented by different colored balls. And you can see how much you should work on each chakra – the farther off the chakra is from the center, the more you need to work on it.

Konstantin used another idea to try to change the thoughts of people in the world. He used a type of Kirlian photography in order to show the moment where someone’s soul is leaving the body at the time of death. According to him, a blue life force is visible leaving the body at the time of death.

He also shared with the world interesting fact about souls of people that died by violent or unexpected ways, saying that those souls are confused and that they do know even realize that they have died.

Around the world over 300 doctors used the same method for monitoring stress and there were cases where doctors used this method to treat cancer.

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