Mystery As Nazi Artefacts Are Found In Hidden Argentinian Treasure Room

The history of the reign of Adolf Hitler is not one that any of us would care to repeat, yet it is one that needs telling.


The dictator’s murderous, brutal regime saw the death of millions during World War Two.

Now Argentinian police officers, in a hidden treasure room, have found a whole room dedicated to celebrating the Third Reich, including a bust of Hitler.

They believe the artefacts were brought into the country by fugitive Germans.

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The discovery, found in Buenos Aires, revealed 75 items, all immaculately kept, in honour of the Nazi regime and Adolf Hitler. They were all found at the suburban home of a collector they have not yet named.

Federal police commissioner for the protection of cultural heritage, Marcelo El Haibe, said: “After investigating we were able to discover those objects were hidden behind a bookcase. Behind the bookcase there was a wall, and after that a door.”

The police said that the items, which are authentic, probably belonged to high-ranking party members during World War Two.

Among the items were: a magnifying glass and photo negatives that appeared to show Hitler holding the same lens.

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“We have turned to historians, and they’ve told us it is the original magnifying glass,” said Nestor Roncaglia, the head of Argentina’s federal police.

The police also seized toys and musical instruments, most emblazoned with the Nazi swastikas, which would have used to indoctrinate the children.

El Haibe added: “There are Nazi objects used by kids, but with the party’s propaganda. There were jigsaw puzzles and little wood pieces to build houses, but they always featured party-related images and symbols.”

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Nazi medical devices were also found, including a tool to measure people’s heads – deemed a way of assessing racial purity.

The discovery was made as part of a wider investigation into artwork of suspicious origin, with Argentinian police working alongside Interpol.

World War Two was the most violent and atrocious war known to man, with the loss of an estimated 5.5 to 6.9m German lives between 1939 and 1945.

Overall, more than 70 million are expected to have died across the military and civilian population in the six year war – prompted by the inhumane characteristics of Adolf Hitler.

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