NASA Has Just Discovered ’10 New Planets Like Earth’

NASA has discovered 10 new planets like Earth outside our solar system.

Overall 219 ‘new planets’ were discovered by the Kepler space telescope, 10 of which are believed to be ‘rocky and raw’, which exist in their solar system’s ‘Goldilocks zone’.


According to the Independent, the planets aren’t too close to their star, which means they’re not too hot, but are also not too far away from their star, meaning they’re not too cold for liquid to exist.

The presence of water on planets is key to there being life forms, meaning if it’s found on the surface on any of these ‘potential new worlds’, in theory extra terrestrial beings could perhaps exist.

Susan Thompson, a research scientist at the SETI Institute, which searches for signs of extra-terrestrial life, said: “This carefully measured catalogue is the foundation for directly answering one of astronomy’s most compelling questions – how many planets like our Earth are in the galaxy?”


Source: TheLadBible

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