New Baby Given Free Flights For Life After Being Born 35,000ft In The Air

A baby was born at 35,000ft on board a Jet Airways flight and has been given free flights for life.

The soon-to-be-mum was flying from Saudi Arabia’s Dammam to Kochi in India, when she went into early labour. The flight was forced to take a detour and land in Mumbai, but before they reached land, the woman gave birth to a baby boy while at a height of around 35,000ft.

Fortunately, a paramedic was on board, too, and was able to help the woman during the birth.


Once back on land, the woman and the new-born were taken to hospital and both are reported to be doing fine.

One of the cabin crew who helped deliver the baby, said in a statement: “Miracles don’t happen every day, but 18 June, 2017 was the day for all of us. Each and every second from the mother’s labour to crowning, followed by the birth of the baby was priceless for us!

“A lifetime experience, indeed. The first cry of the baby boy got the best smiles on our faces. We hadn’t imagined while boarding the flight that we would have such a surreal experience of bringing a charming bundle of joy into this world.”

In a statement, airline Jet Airways said: “Jet Airways commends its crew for their response and promptness that saw them successfully translate their training into life-saving action.

“The airline expresses its gratitude to Ms Wilson, the on-board paramedic, for her guidance. Being the first baby to be born in flight for the airline, Jet Airways is pleased to offer the new-born a free lifetime pass for all his travel on Jet Airways.”

I don’t know about the baby, but I think the mum surely deserves free flights for life.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Jet Airways

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