Nigerian Singer, Glory Okoduwa Finds Music Career in the US ‘Very Challenging’

Glory Okoduwa, a U.S.-based artiste, says language barrier is hindering widespread acceptance of indigenous Nigerian music overseas.

He said this while speaking with NAN on the marketability of Nigerian gospel music abroad.

Okoduwa’s new album titled ‘Holy Holy Holy’ was recently launched in New Jersey. The rate of acceptance, he says, was fairly low.

“Music here in the U.S. is quite different from what we have in Nigeria and it is very challenging because of the language difference and the inability to communicate well.

“Also, being that there are lots of gospel artists here (U.S.) who are doing well, it’s a challenge compared to what we have back home.

“In Nigeria, it would have been easier, especially for the Esan community of Edo, who will receive the track eight that is in Esan language

“Nigerians in New Jersey have accepted it here and beyond, though, I will say it is not as I would expect because the crowd is not so large, but very encouraging.

Glory said he went into gospel music under the instruction of God and he draws his inspiration from the scripture.

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