Nine Ways To Deal With Falling Asleep At Inconvinient Times And Places

Sometimes, the sleepy bug decides to come for you at the most inappropriate hours due to lengthy periods of inactivity, when you’re at work or at school or somewhere equally crucial, and the remedial cold water splash is not an option. In a lot of cases, the bite is so powerful that you can do nothing but succumb to divine sleep. However, you may be doing so at the risk of being rudely awakened to an embarrassing scene. While it is almost impossible to anticipate such an event, these nine tricks will quickly keep you from falling asleep.

Run towards the sun

Head outside. A burst of sunshine will do you instant good. If instant sunlight is not at your disposal, opt for as much artificial lighting as you can get.

Tickle the top of your mouth cavity

Try it. See what happens.


Switch tasks!

Put your current activity on hold and start a fresh one. The action will give your brain a recharge, and keep you awake.


Start a conversation with the person closest to you to boost your mind

If you fall asleep doing this… well, you shouldn’t.


Generate some adrenaline

Obviously, right?


Put ice cubes in your mouth

…Or something as cold. This also helps with dehydration which may be a cause of your tiredness.


Learn some acupressure skills or give yourself a good pinch


Eat a high protein, sugar free snack


Take a power nap

In ‘extreme’ cases of falling asleep. Anything around a quarter of an hour will do you the most good.


But, to significantly reduce the chances of you fighting off sleep at odd times and in places where you shouldn’t be sleeping, make sure you get enough sleep (beauty sleep is not overrated), and avoid eating heavy meals, or meals that have a high sugar content, before taking on the day.

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