These Old Airplane Photos Show How Luxurious Flying Was In The 60s And 70s

Planes have always been awe-inducing. People didn’t originally think it would be possible to travel from one side of the globe to another but human innovation and determination proved that wrong.

Airplanes nowadays, and probably even back then, come with minimal to no leg room. Having to share an armrest with someone could make a long flight feel even longer. Add that with some turbulence and some sub-par airline food and it makes sense why people hate long flights.

But it seems like airlines back in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s might have been a little comfier.

Take a look at this gallery and you’ll see just how much nicer it was to fly back in the day.

Pan American World Airways, or more commonly known as Pan Am, used to be the largest international carrier in the United States between 1927 to 1991.

It used to be the standard for airline luxury and excellence. And these pictures will show you why exactly.

Flying economy probably isn’t much different from back then to now but flying in first class was a whole different matter.

When the first Boeing 747 flew across skies in 1970, it transformed its upper deck to a high-class lounge for their premium fare passengers.

Back then they used a conveyor belt to transport people’s luggage from one station to another. I wonder if the rates of lost luggage were more expensive back then.

People sure were excited to board a plane back then. But I think I would be a little scared to be in the first batch of people to board a plane.

Airline food has always gotten a bad reputation but by the looks of it, it seems like the culinary skills back then were probably a little better.

This gentleman looks suave and fashionable despite a long flight. If only we could all look this good after a long haul flight.


Even back then pilots were held in high regard for their ability to fly planes. And these two gentlemen are no different.

These were the stewardesses back then. Their duties include ensuring the safety of passengers, delivering food and also assisting the pilots.

Here is a stewardess on the plane, setting up for a meal. She can be seen taking out a tray of plates and cups to be served to the passengers.

This is what first class looked like back then. It certainly looks very roomy, with plenty of legroom, and it seems like they are handing out some delicious snacks as well.

Here is a look at the first-class upper deck lounge that Pan Am employed for their luxury passengers. You can tell how roomy these seats are and just how happy the children are.

Pictures like these compared to the inside of planes nowadays show a drastic difference. It seems like they knew what they were doing back then.


The one biggest difference I noticed is the lack of television screens on the headrest of the seat in front of you. I guess this would lead to some very boring (or entertaining) flights.

If only all commercial airlines had lounges or living rooms like this on a plane.

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