Panty-female condom excites Uganda – #Viral

The panty condom has a stronger material and allows for change of positions during intimacy unlike the current female condom on the market.

A new female condom that would probably win the innovative condom awards, if ever there were such awards has been unveiled in Uganda.

The much anticipated panty-condom has set tongues wagging with excitement if reports are anything to go by.

The “panty-like female condom is a thong with an adhesive pocket on the front that carries one condom made of polyurethane. It is sold accompanied by three additional condoms for subsequent use,” the dailymonitor reported.

The panty condom is made by Colombian manufacturer Innova Quality Photo: Daily Monitor

According to Dr Moses Muwonge, the director of Samasha Medical Foundation, “The panty condom has a stronger material and allows for change of positions during intercourse unlike the current female condom on market. You can wear it all day and walk with it and when it comes for action, you don’t have to waste time putting it on”.

Kenneth Mugumya, the national coordinator of Uganda Family Planning Consortium, had glowing reviews of the glowing condom. “There are many female condoms on the market but they are not appealing. The panty condom however is discreet and appealing to both women and men. You will not even feel it,” Mugumya said.

The underwear plus two condoms costs $5 approximately Shs18, 400 while a refill of three condoms costs $3.75 approximately Shs13, 800.

If you want spontaneity, a “discreet and appealing condom” then the panty-condom might just be what you were waiting for.

Source: Daily Monitor

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