Personal Development: 5 Ways To Improve Your Memory

Are you having problems remembering passwords to your social media accounts? Do you find yourself blanking out while punching in your ATM code or during an important test? Are you also having difficulties recalling the name of your high school crush so that you can look him up?

Luckily, there are ways to improve your memory through practice. Note that the following techniques aren’t guaranteed to work for everyone or prevent cognitive diseases like dementia, but memory tricks are helpful in every aspect of life, be it at work, school or home.

How to get a real beauty sleepHow to get a real beauty sleep

1. Sleep:

Work and studies can keep us up at night but did you know that sleep is the only way through which you can consolidate everything you’ve learnt and done? Always make sure you get enough sleep and do so before an exam or a test for better memory recall.

2. Always stay mentally active:

Physical activity keeps your body in shape; it boosts your mood and productivity. Similarly, some mental activity can do wonders for your brain and possibly reduce your chances of getting memory loss. Some excellent ways of keeping your mind active is through crossword puzzles, reading newspaper articles and taking alternative routes when you are driving. Did you ever wonder why most parents want their kids to play an instrument when they are young? It’s because it improves their brain power and gives them a boost in studies. You can also try volunteer work to keep your mind healthy and happy.

3. Eat healthy and do exercises:

 Studies show that those who consume a healthy source of carbohydrates or sugar are able to focus better on their work on studies and work than those who seek nutrition from unhealthy varieties or fast food. Nuts, seeds, oatmeal, wholegrain, fish, poultry and olive oil are excellent carb, good fat and protein sources. Exercise enhances blood flow to all parts of your body, including your brain. So next time, try to exercise during breaks instead of opening social networking sites – which can also result in poor memory.

4. Get social:

Stress causes memory loss, which can effectively be prevented by hanging out with people you like spending time with. Next time you are invited for dinner or any social event whatsoever, do not avoid it, just go. Open up and have fun!

How to imporve memoryAn organized desk

5. Be organized:

If your desk is cluttered, your mind will be too. So next time you find your room to be in a mess, clean it up and organize better instead of shoving things in the drawers. Keep a journal and note down tasks, prepare to do lists and write down all appointments and events. You can mark these on your calendar or electronic planner. Writing keeps your mind active and helps you remember things so always write things down if you fear you will forget them.

Make sure you block all distractions while doing something, such as studying, reading or memorizing something. If you focus on something and give it your full attention, you will remember it later as well.

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