PHOTOS: Pregnant Blac Chyna Strips N@ked To Cast Her Boobs And Baby Bump On E! Show

Blac Chyna, popular American model and entrepreneur, who is presently expecting the baby of Kim Kardasian’s brother, Rob has set the social media on fire as she posted ‘semi-nude’ picture of herself and friends in the pool.


Blac Chyna strips naked to cast her baby bump.

Blac Chyna strips naked to cast her baby bump


Blac Chyna covering her boobs with her hands

Pregnant Blac Chyna stripped off on Sunday’s episode of ‘Rob & Chyna’ to get a cast of her boobs, baby bump and her famed curves on E! Show. The model later took to her mansion’s swimming pool to show some twerking stunts with her naked pals.


One of her friends making the cast

The mum-to-be was seen sitting on a chair, wearing a white pant as she used her hands to cover her boobs while her friends carefully made a cast of her boobs and baby bump before ending the day in the pool. Nawa o!

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