Pigeon Bird Arrested By Indian Police

PigeonThe ongoing war that has existed between Pakistan and India appears to have reached new heights, when police intercepted a pigeon which was carrying a message referring to the 1971 war between Pakistan and India and was addressed personally to PM Narendra Modi.

Naturally the police have taken the suspect into custody, but we are not sure what is to happen to our feathered courier, but they are “investigating” the matter! Now there is nothing new in pigeons being used to carry messages, they were used to warn the French Resistance of the 1944 D Day landings and to take action blowing up bridges and de-railing trains etc. They have also been used extensively in the long running dispute between India and Pakistan over the disputed Punjab region.

The bird was discovered in the northern state of Punjab, at Pathankot, this is where in January this year militants based in Pakistan launched a deadly attack on an air force base. The note when it was recovered from the bird was written in the language Urdu, which when it was translated said: “Modi, we’re not the same people from 1971. Now each and every child is ready to fight against India.” It may seem incredible that this dispute has been ongoing since the end of British rule and partition in 1947, but in spite of many attempts, no solution has been found, nor does one seem likely at the moment and tens of thousands have died in the dispute.

As we have mentioned, it is normal for pigeons to be used to convey messages and presumably, propaganda. Just recently, on September 23rd, a white pigeon, apparently from across the border, with a message written in Urdu was found in Punjab’s Hoshiarpur district, and last year another pigeon was “arrested” and accused of being a spy, this brave bird was found near the border between India and Pakistan fitted with a “wire-like device”. Taking no chances, the police found that it had an address and phone number on its tail, so they X-rayed it to see if it had a spy camera on it or even a transmitter, or chip.

In a statement superintendent Rakesh Kaushal of the Indian police said: “We have kept the bird in our custody. This is a rare instance of a bird from Pakistan being spotted here. We’ve caught a few spies here.” We wonder what the punishment for the spy will be.

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