Property Defacement That Actually Made The World A Better Place

Are You Ready?

are you ready

Some jokes tell themselves. How many people passed by that sign, but they didn’t have a pen? That would be the worst torture ever. On another thought, what if that really is the stairway to heaven though?

Commitment To The Joke

commitment to the joke

A guy had to give up his cookie to make it work. Hope he didn’t take it from a kid. Then, it wouldn’t be as funny. Still funny. Just not as much.

Don’t Want To Lose It

dont want to lose it

That’s a very courteous sign. For them to be concerned about everyone’s potato. And to draw it as a symbol for those who can’t read, that’s going above and beyond.

Genius Prank

genius prank

Wouldn’t you love to walk into the bathroom and see someone yelling at the paper towel dispenser? How long would you wait until you said anything? I would probably do my business, wash my hands, and then crank a towel out while they were still yelling.

He Rocks Out

he rocks out

It’s another joke that writes itself. But, could you imagine if that were true? Sometimes, that’s where thunder comes from.

I’m Done

im done

Imagine walking down the street minding your own business and then a joke hits you in the face. You can’t just stand there making a memory for yourself. You have to put Marge Simpson on the tall, weird bush.

Incoming Traffic Has It Going On

incoming traffic has it going on

If incoming traffic don’t stop, that’s who you want to be with. Get in line. Take your turn. Find out where it goes.

It Would Work Better

it would work better

Some people just have too much common sense. Who would use an elevator to put out a fire? Don’t even know how that would work.

Yes They Are

like the old ones

You know, like the old farts? Only these guys are liberal farts! Of course, calling them farts to their face is offensive to them and the elderly. So, make sure you’re ready for the Twitter war you create.

Now That’s Stubborn

now thats stubborn

I’d like to see the statistics on that. And who paid for the billboard? Some anti-man group put on earth just to ruin our lives and make us take a bunch of tests we don’t need?

Why Wouldn’t You?

sex it up

It had to be done. There is no way around it. When you see an “Exit” sign, you have no choice but to write the absolute joke across it.

That Would Turn A Lot Of People On

that would turn a lot of people on

One smell and you think of breakfast. Of course, it can be eaten any time of the day. It makes for a great lunch, dinner, or even a midnight snack. Where do we get that cologne, and as in yesterday?

That’s Deep

thats deep

To drop deep philosophy in the middle of any conversation can come across as pretentious. But, not when it’s in response to a warning. That’s dropping it like a boss.

That’s Hardcore

thats hardcore

Kids might need shelter from the graphic. Some gamers might want to go out and rob an old man walking with a cane. But when you see a block with something that looks like a face and a poll thrust through the eye, you don’t have many options.

The ET Thing

the et thing

The greatest scene from one of the most famous movies of all time and it’s being reenacted before our very eyes. Who has those silhouettes just laying around? Are they on eBay or something?

This Is What Happened To The Phone Booths

the extinction of phone booths

One day, I turned around and they were gone. Not a phone booth on the street. Is that what happened? One by one, they knocked each other out and killed off the whole clan?

Try Not To Destroy It

try not to destroy it

Seeing how we haven’t done that great with the first one, can we keep this one? All everyone has to do is just walk around it. Just walk around it. Don’t try to develop anything on it. Just act like it’s not even there.

What Else Is It Supposed To Mean?

what else is it supposed to mean

It’s the worst sign ever, especially if it’s Thanksgiving or your birthday or a Tuesday. Why would someone be so cruel they won’t let anyone have pie? That’s like saying you can’t smoke in a bathroom. What’s up with that?

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