Reason For #Brangelina’s Divorce Finally Revealed: They Had $555 Millions Together, How Would They Share It!!


Details surrounding the most shocking divorce of the century continue to emerge as some credence seems to be lent to reports that Brad Pitt had issues that Angelina Jolie believed would harm the kids.

The world was shocked when news of Brangelina’s divorce broke, with reports indicating that Angelina filed for divorce because of anger issues and drug problems which she felt would harm the children.

And a new report seems to indicate that Angelina’s fears might have been founded. According to TMZ, the pair got into a heated argument aboard a plane just over a week ago, an argument which was the tipping point for Jolie’s decision to file.

TMZ reports that Maddox, their fifteen year old son, attempted to intervene in the argument at a point – which was when Brad ‘lunged’ at him, prompting Angelina to stand up and protect her son.

Brad nevertheless reportedly connected with Maddox.

The incident was reported to authorities upon landing, and the FBI got involved as the plane was in the air at the time, muddying the issue of local jurisdiction. Conflicting reports also surround whether the actor was drunk or sober at the time of the incident.

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