If Rihanna Could Travel In Time She Would Go Back To The Day She Lost Her V!rginity

Rihanna is the cover star of Elle magazine’s October issue and she is feeling the love, big time.

In celebration of her sixth Elle cover, as well as the global launch of Fenty Beauty, RiRi’s make-up brand, the 29-year-old posed for three cover shots wearing different shades of her make-up.


Elle also invited some of the 29-year-old’s nearest and dearest famous friends to ask her their burning questions.

One of which included a question by David Copperfield, the magician.

He first offered to make RiRi disappear and reappear anywhere in the world, he then asked her where she would like to go.

If it was up to Rihanna, she would love to go back in time to 10 minutes before she lost her virginity.

Whether to do it all over again or stop it from happening is something Rihanna did not disclose.

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