How To Save When You Are A Low Income Earner

For many young women (men included) out there, earning a large income is something in the foreseeable future so they don’t save, rather they live paycheck to paycheck and hope they get a better job or they get a raise. When you ask them why they don’t save they tell you its because they don’t have a huge salary, they barely have enough to feed they say.

Am here to tell you that its time to change your mindset, the secret to saving is not because you have a larger income that can provide for all your needs, from experience I can tell you it all has to do with discipline. Saving is more of the mind-set than it is of money and the amount you have so you ask;

Why can’t people save?

A large number of low income salary earners, don’t save because they don’t have the knowledge required for fiscal discipline but largely it is because they don’t have the willpower. Many unsuccessful savings try out always comes down to budgets. Its either they are not making realistic budgets or they refuse to stick to them.

What then is the secret to saving as a low income earner?

Now this question has a very simple answer Fiscal Discipline. You need to understand that you are saving for both rainy and sunny days, you need to develop the will power to pull off following your budget through.

What if this doesn’t work?

There is one simple way that might work if you fall through on your budgeting, go to your trusted insurance company or bank to find out their fixed saving plan.


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