Schoolgirl, 14, Killed Herself Two Years After Sex Attack That ‘Destroyed’ Her

Schoolgirl, 14, killed herself two years after sex attack that 'destroyed' her

Megan Hoyle killed herself in Blackburn after falling victim to a sex attack

A schoolgirl committed suicide two years after being sexually assaulted because she was struggling to cope, an inquest heard.

Megan Hoyle died after taking a fatal overdose of her mum’s prescription medication just minutes after sending a final text to a friend saying ‘I am not strong enough’.

The 14-year-old struggled to cope after being assaulted at just 12-years-old – an attack that she said ‘destroyed my body, my mind and my soul’.

In a heartbreaking message to a friend, Christopher Cozens, who been talking to her just 15 minutes before, Megan said: ‘If you get his message it is too late and I am sorry.

‘I am sorry I’m not strong enough. I promise I will be better in another life, be happy, be braver.

Schoolgirl, 14, killed herself two years after sex attack that 'destroyed' her

She had struggled since she was 12 (Picture: Cavendish)

‘I’m sorry I let you down when you were scared and I was broken.

‘I was strong once. I was internally beautiful but that girl died at 12-years-old when he ruined my body, my mind and my soul.‘Love you more than life itself. I was so lucky to have you. You had demons and so did I but there was happiness once.’

East Lancashire coroner Michael Singleton heard how Megan died at Sheffield Children’s Hospital on February 24, four days after she overdosed at her home in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Her organs were donated, which helped save the lives of four others, the inquest heard.

Giving evidence, Megan’s mum, Wendy Charnley, told the inquest at Blackburn Enterprise Centre that her daughter had been a ‘happy little girl, full of life and very bubbly’ but became ‘withdrawn, angry and started to struggle at school’ after the assault.

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