For The Second Year Christians Takes The Cup For Being the Most Persecuted Group In The World!!


It may seem surprising considering United States President-elect Donald Trump shared a lot of negative views about Muslims in the course of his campaign but Christians were still the most persecuted group across the globe in 2016, according to a study.

An Italian based center for Studies on New Religions brought forward the conclusions which showed that 90,000 Christians were killed for their beliefs worldwide last year.

The crazy figures become easier to understand when you take into account that a third of these deaths were at the hands of Islamic extremists like ISIS. The persecuted group, however, suffered and were killed at by both state and non­state persecutions too. North Korea was one of the instances of state persecutions.

In the study, it was also documented that as much as 600 million Christians were prevented from practicing their faith in 2016. The figures in 2016 were a continuing trend from 2015 when there were also records of acts of persecution, including imprisonment and beheading.

Persecuted Group

Robert Nicholson of the Philos Project spoke to Foxnews, telling them;

“These numbers underscore what we already know,… There are many places on earth where being a Christian is the most dangerous thing you can be.

“Those who think of Christianity as a religion of the powerful need to see that in many places it’s a religion of the powerless. And the powerless deserve to be protected.”

Christians being a persecuted group is most apparent in the Middle East but the group is also under assault in Africa and Asia according to an Aid to the Church in Need study of incidents in 2015. Africa has Islamist terror groups such as Boko Haram and even ISIS which carries out some operations in its borders.

In Asia, it is nationalist religious movements who target Christians. They believe that Christianity is a foreign religion and Christians are only doing the bidding of the West.

Perhaps the clearest picture of Christians as a persecuted group is the fact that in Iraq alone the Christian population has gone down from 1.5 million in 2003 to about 275,000 now.

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