Serena Williams Builds Conventional And Special Needs Schools In Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda & Jamaica

Remember when Serena Williams‘ cakes broke the internet and we were asking how many squats, per hour, do we need to do to get that thick? Well the tennis champ wasn’t just showing off, she was working!

Serena recently built a new school in Jamaica! While some celebs may simply write a check towards a good cause, Queen Serena is no stranger to hard work! She posted photos and videos where she’s painting the school and getting her hands dirty while doing construction.


Serena talking to a special needs kid in Mombasa Kenya.

Her non-profit, the Serena Williams Fund partnered with Helping Hands Jamaica to build the Salt Marsh Primary School. The mission of her charity is to help “individuals or communities effected by senseless violence, and [ensure] equal access to education.”

This is the third school Serena has built. Previous secondary schools were created in partnership with Build Africa Schools in Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

One of the schools Serena has built is located in a village in Mombasa Kenya and it is for kids with special needs. She made sure that it was fully equipped with laptops for each student so that they can communicate with the rest of the world.

We hope more celebrities will use their influence and wealth to help set up structures that will liberate the poor in Africa instead of just handing them nice things that will soon perish.

Click Here to see video of one of Serena’s projects for kids with special needs in Africa.

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