Simi And Falz: 6 Theories For Their Loved Up Photos

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have seen that Nigerian singer, Simi, posted photos of herself and rapper Falz the Bahd Guy in a loved up photos shoot that depicts them as a couple.
simi and falz 7 Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye aka Simi is a Nigerian singer whose started out as a gospel singer. Folarin Falana aka Falz is a rapper who started out in a secondary school group called The School Boys. Simi and Falz have been playing on their incredible chemistry the whole year. The two have two hits together: Jamb Question remix and Soldier and fans instantly paired them up after. They have denied that they are dating but each time they post pictures together, we start to believe there is more to their story. Now, they have posted a series of love d up photos over the weekend that people have termed their ‘pre-wedding photos’.
We have six theories as to why both of them released these photos below:

1. They are currently dating
simi and falz 1                                              Lets talk about the obvious. Simi and Falz have both denied dating publicly but they also have not claimed that anyone else is there boo, so for all we know, they are lying. Simi has a beautiful voice and Falz is an excellent rapper, so it won’t be too far-fetched to see how they would find themselves attractive. Plus, even if they had no intention to date, feeling grow from spending time together and creating memories.
2. They wanted the attention to boost their careers
simi and falz 2                         If the public falsely claims you are dating, feeding the lie can be a real career booster. Your fans and followers will be dying for you both to confirm it and it will be all they talk about. This could be one of their reason. If they are truly not dating, making us believe they are is getting them attention. In show business, any attention is good attention.
3. These are the photos for their joint EP
simi and falz 3          In May 2016, Simi said she and Falz will be dropping a joint EP to be titled Chemistry very soon. This made everyone excited especially die to the undeniable chemistry they already have from Jamb Question and Soldier. Maybe Simi and Falz decided their EP will feature loved up photos of themselves. This would help us fall deeper in love with their songs.


4. They have something special coming up

simi and falz 4Maybe it’s not even the EP, it’s some other amazing collaboration that we don’t even expect. They are both posting the pictures and smiling to themselves because they know their big reveal will make your job.


5. Falz has proposed
simi and falz 5                                                                            What if Falz has proposed and these are truly their pre-wedding photos? It would be a very public way to show they are engaged but why not? They could be the next power couple and their Chemistry EP could be debuted at their reception. People would line up for days to attend.
 6. Simi is trying to make her real boo jealous
simi and falz 6                      Let’s focus on Simi. What if she has a boo who is not in the entertainment industry that she is trying to make jealous? Maybe he is dulling her or has not been stepping up recently. Loved up photos with Falz will be the perfect thing to make him step up his game and treat her right. Whatever the case is, our eyes are peeled on the pair waiting for the reason for their ‘pre-wedding’ photos.

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