Snoop Dogg Is Bringing Gin And Juice Back To The Party

When you hit a point in life where you’ve released one of the best-selling rap albums of all time, starred in your own reality TV show, performed alongside a hologram of your dead best mate and decided to become a Rastafarian and change your name (for like five minutes), you might begin to think that there aren’t many avenues in life left to explore… but you’d be wrong.

Credit: Berhane Sound System/Mad Decent/RCA Records

Snoop Dogg is a man who has ticked all of the above off his list and then some, and instead of taking a break, he’s decided to fix one of the modern world’s most crippling social issues: the distinct lack of Gin and Juice.

It’s all well and good all this Trap lot, swaggering about with their braided hair, shit beats and magnums of Dom Perignon, but what happened to a good old wholesome bit of rollin’ down the street, smokin’ indo, sippin’ on Gin and Juice, with your mind on your money and your money on your mind?

Kids these days just don’t know what they’re missing, do they?

Well, the D-O-double – G, understandably, is quite simply not fucking having it anymore. So, he’s decided to put Gin and Juice firmly back on the menu by partnering with the red-trouser-wearing, posh-accent-having people’s beverage of choice, Tanqueray No.10, and releasing his very own ginsizzle cocktizzle….

“When I wrote ‘Gin & Juice’ it was about good feelings and real experiences; it just naturally became a global anthem,” explained the D-O-double-G in a statement.

Credit: Doggy Style Records

“Tanqueray’s creative approach to representing ‘Gin & Juice’ as the drink I’m known for is authentic and it’s always been what we enjoy, so I whipped up a cool cocktail which I call the ‘Laid Back’ which y’all gotta try out.”


1 oz. Tanqueray No. TEN

1 oz. Cîroc Apple

2 oz. Fresh Pineapple Juice

Splash Club Soda


  • Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice.
  • Strain into Double Old Fashioned Glass.
  • Top it off with a splash of Club Soda.


Glassware: Double Old Fashioned

Garnish: Pineapple wedge or lime

Optional: A fat ass J, of some bubonic chronic

Keenan Towns, Brand Director for Gins at Diageo, commented: “This is an exciting time for the Tanqueray brand. Snoop Dogg is the perfect partner for Tanqueray as we admire his talent, creativity as an artist and know he has been a long-time fan of Gin & Juice cocktails and Tanqueray supporter.

“Working with Snoop Dogg will help regain Tanqueray’s foothold as ‘the Gin’ of choice for all Gin & Juice cocktails. It is a perfect fit that cultivated an organic yet strategic partnership that we truly believe brings back a newfound love for Gin & Juice cocktails.”

So, there you have it – Gin and Juice is coming back and there’s not a god damn thing you can do about it, but then again, why would you want to?

Words: Paddy Maddison

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