Son And Daughter-In-Law Lock 92-Year-Old Mother In A Cage For Several Years

BBC reports that the woman, surnamed Yang, was kept in the degrading space by her son and daughter-in-law without food and basic clothes. They also frequently beat her.

A 92-year-old Chinese woman who was reportedly kept for years by her son in a pigsty (a pen or enclosure for pigs) has sparked outrage online.

Online fury over Chinese woman, 92, 'kept' in pigsty

Users reacted angrily on social media to the emaciated images and video (R) of Yang 

A video of the woman’s appalling living conditions appeared on China’s Twitter-like social media platform Weibo, causing national outrage. Local government officials have however rescued the rag-clad old woman following the emotional viral video. She is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital, but has not fully recovered.

However, Yang’s son and daughter-in-law in defense, claim that she voluntarily moved into the door-less, fence-and-stone-enclosed “kitchen” beside their house, denying that she was kept in a pigsty, the Nanguo Morning News said.

The videos and photos infuriated Chinese netizens, who accused her children of “inhumane” and “animalistic” behaviour, saying that the son and daughter-in-law “will be treated in the same way by their children when they get old”.


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