Straw Holder In The Soda Can

If you use a straw to drink soda out of a can, chances are you’re doing it all wrong. now it’s time to shed light on how to sip soda…not like a boss, but instead, like a sir.

For those that are like me and drink their soda out of a straw (yeah, I have sensitive teeth, it’s the life I lead), I’ve faced plenty of awkward social situations where I find myself conducting a makeout session with an unwilling straw.


I might be the last person on Earth to figure this out, but if I can change the life of one more soda drinker, that’s not a bad day’s work. Did you know that the tab on soda cans will spin around and act as a perfectly situated straw crutch? Yeah, me either:

Personally, I sip my soda through a straw because I have dainty teeth and it hurts my choppers to drink it otherwise. So when I found out that soda cans have a methodical reasoning for their tab design, I nearly sh*t my pants through my brain. I had been sipping through a straw incorrectly for over 20 years.

The discovery happened when I was sitting in the lobby of our office building late last Friday. My friend Mike was on his way out the front door and in passing he mysteriously asked, “Mathew, do you know how to use a soda can properly?”

“I’m a grown man,” I thought to myself, of course I know how to use a soda can. I have great parents, they taught me to tie my shoes, boil an egg, and of course, drink a soda can — but I decided to oblige him, “No…how do you use a soda can?”

He proceeded to look at me with a smirk, and calmly explained, “You know that pop tab? After you crack open your soda, spin it around over the open hole, it’s meant to hold your straw in place.

Just as quickly as he’d entered my life that moment and enlightened my soda-drinking existence, he exited with a smug one liner, “Sip on that buddy.”

And so I did, and thanks to Mike, I’ll never accidentally get a straw up my nostril while sipping soda through a straw again.


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