Take A Look At The Remains Of Around 1,500 People Found From The Eruption Of Mount Vesuvius In 79 CE

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The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE was one of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in European history. It resulted in several Roman settlements being obliterated and buried, thereby getting preserved under ash. It took about 25 hours to wipe out the town.

Hundreds of years later, archaeologists have gotten their feet into Pompeii and have found just about everything and everyone that had been preserved by the volcano’s ash. The latest discovery happened in 2013.

That discovery took place in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, standing at about 6,500 feet high. It’s been said that no one knew that Vesuvius was an active volcano.

Amongst the dead, there have been some very touching photos of families that are huddling together and of men huddling together, embracing as they died.

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The body language and shapes of the people found were so clear that after seeing photos of them, it was clear that they knew they were going to die.

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According to history.com, the remains of a young woman were found at the Villa Diomede. The outline of her body shape was clearly visible in the material packed beneath her.

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More and more were discovered as the exploration continued. Excavators needed to figure out a way to preserve these bodies.

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During the 1864 excavations, the director of excavations, Giuseppe Fiorelli, discovered a technique that allowed the body shapes to be preserved.

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Rather than digging through the ash to remove the skeletons that were found, Fiorelli instructed diggers to pour plaster into the hollow. After this was done, they left the plaster to harden for a few days.

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Once it was hardened, they chipped off the outer layers of hardened ash. What they saw in front of them was a detailed plaster cast of bodies of citizens of Pompeii at the moment of their death.

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10 Facts For Kids

There have been a number of images circling around the internet of different people during the eruption. Some were by themselves, struggling, while others were with their family members, including children.

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One photo shows a family that looks like they are huddled together, or sleeping in the ruins of Pompeii. The image is truly heartbreaking to look at.

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Another image is a cast of a corpse that was found in the Garden of Fugitives as well as a plaster of a dog lying down in Pompeii. These images honestly make this tragic event so real.

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There is even an image of a man that was preserved at Pompeii that has gone viral, for a less “emotional” reason.

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By the way that the man seems to be positioned, people are speculating that he was preserved in one final act of self-love. But this is a miscaption. Scientists believe the most likely explanation is that the body was displaying the pose of someone experiencing sudden muscle shrinkage due to extremely hot temperatures.

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