Technology: Unlock Your Phone With Your Eye, the New TECNO Camon C9

It is easy to be content with the Camon C8 but not until you meet the Camon C9 and realise the huge distinguishing feature the eye scanner.

The Eye Scanner is an advanced security feature you only see in Holywood blockbuster movies but has now be brought right under your control and usage.

With one look of the eye, you can now unlock your phone without typing out or recollecting your password.

Now you can lazy about in bed or in the dark and still easily unlockyour phone. Ideally, you need a backup passcode if you are to unlockyour phone when there’s blackout. Most people use their phones in bed when there is a blackout or when the lights are turned off the passcode will come in handy here.

TECNO Camon C9 picThe Pros of the eye scanner

  • You are allowed to register five different identities on the eye scanner
  • In a situation where you choose not to use the eye scanner, there is an option of using pass codes.
  • The scanner makes a lovely scientific sound that can make anyone feel ‘geeky’.


  • It can be subject to light. Sometimes you have to re-register your  eye print in the dark, especially if  it was registered in good light.

If the eye scanner can be subject to light, then you need the backup passcode to gain access to your phone.

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