The Darkest Facts You’d Wish to Know About Friday 13th

Here we present 20 interesting facts about the unluckiest day of the Gregorian calendar that we overcame just yesterday. Was it so much unlucky, by the way?1. There is a cetegory of people who officially have a fear of Friday, 13th. Medically.

There is a special term to denote the phobia – paraskevidekatriaphobia (or friggatriskaidekaphobia). I’d sooner have a phobia to pronounce this term!



2. The origin of the unlucky day might be rooted in the Bible stories.

It is known that Jesus was crucified on Friday and the number of guests at the Last Supper was thirteen.


3. Taylor Swift believes 13 is her lucky number due to multiple reasons.

That’s the date of her birth. And she turned 13 on Friday, 13th. Her 1st album went gold 13 weeks after its release. Her first song had a 13 second intro.


4. Friday actually has more chances to be 13th by date than any other day.

Thus, in 2015 Friday, 13th occured thrice, the next happening like this will be in 2026.


5. Italians think that number 13 is lucky.

However, Friday 17th is the day they have superstitious fear for.


6. Mark Twain has his own story about the number 13.

Once he was invited to the party as a 13th guest, and he did go there despite the warning of his friend. But as he commented later it was a bad luck as they had had food only for twelve guests.


7. According to the statistics it’s really better to stay home on Friday 13th.

In the UK traffic accidents are stated to happen more often on this day than on other ordinary days.



8. One of the outstanding persons who had a fear for day 13th was Presisent Franklin Roosevelt.

He never invited 13 people for dinner and never travelled on the 13th.


9. There are 20 million people in America alone who have triskaidekaphobia.

Some people fear of Friday no matter the date, this fear is called skeviphobia.


10. Those months having Friday 13th begin on a Sunday.

Just check up a calendar if you don’t believe us.


11. 13th was an unlucky number for 2Pac.

Tupac Shakur died on Friday 13th in 1996.


12. When a year starts on a Thursday, Friday 13th occurs in February, March and November.

In the 21st century this pattern repeats eleven times.


13. Film director and producer Alfred Hitchcock was born on Friday 13th. Unluckily for him.

Three of his works, one of them is “Number 13″ were never released and shown to public.

Alfred Hitchcock Aims

14. The movie “Alive” is about a true story of an aircraft crash that occured in South America, October 13, 1972.

Luckily there were 14 survivors who were found in the mountains 2 months after the crash.

Andes Plane Crash Survivors


15. Specialists warn about an asteroid to fly by our planet on April 13, 2029.

However they say it has minimal chances to collide with the Earth.

Andes Plane Crash Survivors


16. There are some superstitions about this day. One says, for example, that cutting hair on Friday 13th is a bad idea as it may cause a death of your relative.

Others believe that it’s a bad luck to be born in Friday 13th.


17. You may have a special spooky wedding ceremony on Friday 13th in Vegas.

Such an offer is provided by the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.



18. Being superstitious about Friday 13th put you in danger.

Dr. Caroline Watt of the University of Edinburgh says that the fear of Friday 13th itself makes you anxious and distracted and you are more likely to have an accident.

Baked cookies bearing the number 13, bei

19. Motorcyclists of Ontario, Canada meet on each Friday 13th and the event attracts thousands of participants.

The tradition is rather old, it dates back to the year of 1981.



20. In Spain it is Tuesday that is bad, not Friday.

In some cities of Spain people believe Tuesday 13th is unlucky, not Friday. They associate it with the Roman God of War, Mars.


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