Tips For Choosing A Bridal Gown


Tips for finding the perfect bridal gown

Before starting to look for a gown every bride should establish four things:


The story:

What type of couple are you and what would you like your wedding torepresent.


The plan:

The venue, time of year, etc should all be chosen before looking for a gown.

This can help when trying to determine the level of formality of the gown as well as fabric, colour, etc.


The budget

Gowns come in every price range. A bride needs to establish how much they want to spend on the gown, as well as the entire wedding. For example, if you come from a large family that gathers around the dinner table every week, then the food may be the most important thing in your budget. Or it may be the music if you love a big party.

You may find the perfect gown that is a little over budget. If this happens, you need to know where you can trim from other areas of the wedding in order to get the gown of your dreams.


The look:

A bride should ask herself what type of bride she wants to be. Ask yourself: “Am I classic, flirty, fun, sophisticated, retro or a combination of classic and edgy?” Then ask yourself, what’s your story, and that of your fiancé’s? Are you nature lovers, are you artists, do you have a special connection to a location? Then decide how you can translate these into your wedding theme.

Once you answer these questions, finding your gown will be much easier.


Randy Fenoli on wedding gown trends

The sexier the better:

I think the girls are definitely going for sexy dresses of sheer panels, really low backs and see-through.

I don’t think they’re really thinking about the ceremony, but more about the reception or the honeymoon.


Diversity: Every bride wants their wedding to be unique, so they are thinking outside the box.

I hear this from almost every bride: “I don’t want to look like any other bride before me”. But the truth is that even though looks may be similar, every bride has a quality about her that makes her look unique.

I personally prefer great style over a trendy look.

However, each bride is different and some brides want to showcase the latest trends.

Looking at some of today’s most talked about weddings such as Kim Kardashian’s head jewellery piece, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress sleeves, LeAnn Rimes’s high-slit dress, there really is not a single direction that bridal wear is trending. And that is the true trend, the desire for every bride to be unique on her wedding day.

Every dress is cut differently and every person is shaped differently. I would not want to generalise and say that a certain style or silhouette looks flattering on everyone. It’s true that more people can wear an A-line silhouette and that a mermaid gown is more difficult to pull off; however, there is more to be considered than simply the silhouette.

You also need to consider the neckline, waistline, and details of the dress. For example, a gown in chiffon or charmeuse will look completely different from the same gown made in taffeta or satin. I usually try to refrain from making blanket statements that may inhibit a bride from trying on a silhouette she may think she can’t wear.

You never know how a certain dress or silhouette will look on you until you’ve tried it on.


Getting ready for the big day with a little help

* Visit online bookmarking platform Pinterest and go through wedding magazines, bridal blogs, etc.

* Pull out things that you like, as gathering photos of dress styles and looks that you like will also help guide a consultant and make for a more successful appointment.

* They say a picture paints a thousand words and showing your bridal consultant a few images will help guide your consultant in the right direction towards finding the dress that is perfect for you.


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