How to use Cloud to Enable Greater Technology Access for Entrepreneurs

Speaking at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) 2016 event, hosted in Cape Town, VP of Dell Enterprise Sales Claire Vyvyan outlined the major changes brought about by digital transformation.

Cloud has revolutionised how we all consume technology and dramatically lowered the barrier to adoption of advanced capabilities, previously only within reach of large scale organisations with complex IT staff and skills.

“Today, anyone can ‘lease’ infrastructure in the cloud with a few clicks, use software-as-a-service for collaboration software, office suites, and run business applications from HR to sales,” said Claire Vyvyan, VP of Dell Enterprise Sales.

Speaking at the seventh annual Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit (DWEN), hosted in Cape Town, Vyvyan outlined the major changes brought about by digital transformation:

  • We want it now – 8 seconds in the average human attention span, one second less than a goldfish.
  • Work is no longer a location – 80-90% of employees telecommute at least part time.
  • We think we are drowning in data – what is coming next? 90% of all the data in the world was created in the last two years.
  • Everything is at risk – one million cyber attacks released every day.

“Digital transformation refers to all this data and how it is used, and it is changing every facet of our lives – the way the world works, plays, shops, lives, etc.,” Vyvyan said.

She revealed that 75% of the biggest companies in the world will be replaced by 2027, and encouraged female entrepreneurs to consider what threats digital transformation posed to their business.

“Part of the reason that the turnover of multinational companies is getting faster is because technology has changed and has become more accessible,” Vyvyan pointed out.

“Years ago, only big companies had access to good IT, while nowadays even small startups have decent access to technology.

“Through the cloud, you can now have access to technology that previously you could only have as a multinational – and all that stands in your way is how you use it.”

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