VIDEO: Watch Man Leaps Across Courtroom To Punch Serial Killer

We are supposed to believe that the justice system will do its job and bring people justice.

Sometimes though it’s difficult to believe it does. I won’t use specific examples but I’m sure it won’t take you to long to think of a few cases that leave you scratching your head.

According to Bro Bible today, a man felt the justice system had let him down so he unleashed his own justice – Dad Justice. At the sentencing of the man who murdered his daughter, Van Terry leapt across the defendant’s table after addressing the court, looking to land a blow on convicted killer Michael Madison.

This dad was so set on landing justice with a swift fist, it took multiple guards to restrain him. It was all captured on camera by CourtChatter Live.

I haven’t seen someone jump into a crowd with such conviction since my first Slipknot gig. OPEN THE PIT UP!

Madison was sentenced to death for the murder Terry’s daughter and two other women.

In situations like this you have to ask yourself, would Batman have done this if he got the chance? If the answer is ‘yes, probably’, then you should definitely follow suit.

Van Terry is the hero we all deserve.

Source: The Ladbible

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