#Viral: Have you ever seen a RACIST Soap dispenser?

A video of a soap dispenser ‘refusing’ to dispense soap to a dark-skinned hand but, instead, supplying to a light-skinned hand has gone viral on social media with some blaming the designers of the faucet for the ‘racist’ functionality

Racism is everywhere. Yes, we all know this. Not one of us can claim to have never felt the weight of discrimination over skin colour or the effects of it. But sometimes, we look for it in the strangest places.

A video of a ‘racist soap dispenser’ has generated more than 2 million view on Youtube almost two weeks since it was first posted. It shows two hands belonging to two different men – a black and a white man – alternating under the allegedly prejudiced faucet for soap. The fixture appears to malfunction when the melanin-rich hand activates the sensor, however, the soap oozes out perfectly when the sensor is activated by the white man’s hand.

Many comments followed, offering reasons as to how this could have happened ranging from the completely sceptical to passionate accusations of racism. According to Times Live, the dispensers “use near-infrared technology to detect whether there is a hand under them – but darker skin absorbs more of the light. The manufacturers probably only used pale skin types to test it.”

If that really is the case, perhaps the manufacturers are to blame for this serious oversight – not the poor dispenser.

Watch the video below and make up your own mind.

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