Check Out The Russian Exotic Presidential Jets in Pictures

The Russian Presidential jets cum President Putin’s birthday gift to himself raised a lot of dust and angry reactions from Russians as the pictures of the jet’s interior got leaked.

Wallowing in the threshold of economic disaster, Vladimir Putin probably made a promise to himself that not even the economy will rob him of marking his birthday in a significant way.

Thus he lavished hard earned tax payers’ money on 2 brand new luxury private jets – an IL-96-300 and IL-96-300-PU jets at the cost of £44,210,558 and £61,231,589 respectively.

You know one of those self-indulgent moments that you just want to spoil yourself, perhaps Mr president had one of those and the result of that Eureka moment is the procurement of 2 intimidating aircrafts estimated to be worth over £100 million.

Some wealthy people seem to have the wrongest timing to show off their deluxe toys. The Russian president did not go for one but 2 ultra-modern jets with impeccable decorations and designs.

Report says that the walls of each plane is decorated with very classy and expensive paintings. ExpressUk reported that photos of the Russian presidential jets that were leaked online left the people with bad tastes in their mouths. Russians were sadly amazed at the height of extravagance by the presidency.

“Our self-proclaimed Tsar has decided to give himself a gift on his 15th anniversary of assuming the crown by whipping his slaves into paying for two luxurious IL-96 airliners for him.”– Kungurov, Russian Media Personality.

The Russian presidential jet is in fact a flying suite. It lacks absolutely nothing from the majestic bedroom, to the conference room, well equipped kitchen and an exquisite gym. Some of the interior designs were done with gold while the seats are made of sophisticated white leather.

As at last year, the jet models were works in progress. They were scheduled to be finished by the end of 2015. Let’s just say President Vladimir has a thing for jets but the timing could not be any worse.


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