Woman Claims To Be Iconic Artist’s Love Child

Salvador Dali’s Body To Be Exhumed To Carry Out DNA Test Afterwards

Spanish judge orders exhumation on legendary painter’s body over claims by 61-year-old woman Pilar Abel who used to deal tarot cards for a TV station

Salvador Dali pictured in the 1950s

DNA tests will be carried out on the body of legendary artist Salvador Dali to prove if he is the father of a former tarot reader after an exhumation was ordered by a Spanish judge.

The decision was announced today after court papers were filed by 61-year-old Pilar Abel who claims her mum confessed to a secret affair with Dali while working as a servant for friends of the artist.

Her lawyer is thought to be the same brief who acted for a Belgian housewife claiming to be the daughter of former Spanish King Juan Carlos .

Ingrid Sartiau’s paternity claim was thrown out by Spain’s Supreme Court two years ago after the ex-monarch’s lawyers appealed an earlier decision to study the case, although she still wished the royal Happy Father’s Day earlier this month from one of her social media accounts.

Salvador Dali pictured in Paris

Pilar, who used to deal tarot cards for a TV station in her home city of Girona, north east Spain, describes herself as “Dali without the moustache” because of their physical likeness.

Her fight for recognition has been going on for years but she only filed court papers a couple of years ago.

She took a DNA test in July 2007 in Madrid using skin and hair remains she had obtained from a death mask of the painter which turned out to be inconclusive.

She claimed never to have received the results of a second test carried out in Paris five months later with the help of Dali’s friend and biographer Robert Descharnes.

Dali with his wife Gala in 1955

She went on to ask a court in Madrid to request the Paris hospital DNA results – and agree to the exhumation of Dali’s body if they were not handed over.

Dali died of heart failure in January 1989 aged 84.

Mrs Abel has insisted she is not motivated by money and insisted: “I just want to know who I really am, where I come from and who I belong to.”

The judge in charge of the case brought by Mrs Abel reportedly said in her exhumation decision: “Biological testing to investigate Maria Pilar Abel Martinez’s paternity claim is necessary in respect of Salvador Dali Domenech.”

Salvador Dali Museum 

She said she had made her ruling because “there were no biological remains or personal objects which Spain’s National Institute of Toxicology could use to carry out the test.”

Dali is buried in a crypt at a museum named after him in his hometown of Figueres in Catalunya.

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