This Woman Discovered Her ‘Half Sister’ Was Her Mother At Age 10

One woman named Jyll Justamond lived a normal childhood until she was 10-years-old and learned that the people who she thought was her mother and her father were actually her grandparents.

The woman Jyll thought was her half-sister was actually her birth mother.

If that wasn’t already a shocking enough twist imagine how Jyll must have felt when she realized she had a birth dad somewhere out there. She decided she had to meet him.

Jyll’s biological mother was 18-years-old when she had her so she decided that she wasn’t capable of raising her and asked her mother and stepfather to raise her instead.  

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For ten years, Jyll lived with her mother and her grandparents and was totally unaware of the fact that she wasn’t their child.

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Although that was probably a lot to take in, Jyll lived a regular childhood growing up in New Jersey with a mom and a dad who loved her.

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There are times when people in families like this still have a desire to meet their biological parents. Even if they’re in a loving and happy home it’s still important for some.

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She was unsuccessful at locating him at first. Then her birth mother eventually told Jyll her biological father’s name and she took to Facebook.

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She quickly found him and with one message they were connected. Al Annunzuiata was the man and the bar he used to work at was called Neary’s.

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When Jyll asked Al if he knew her biological mother he remembered her and said that he got really scared and his heart started pounding when she messaged.

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The only information that Jyll had to go off was that her birth mother Linda met Al at a bar that no longer exists in 1976, but she managed to find him!

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Al said that this daughter is just like him ‘she’s tenacious,’ he said. When they got the paternity test, the results were a  99.9964% chance that he was her biological father.

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Finally, Jyll and Al met and they had a long hug. Jyll said it felt comfortable and that it felt like she has known him for years.

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To make up for lost time and celebrations, they decided to look at photos of Jyll’s first birthday. Al came equipped with balloons and presents including her first teddy from her birth father. He also had a ‘Sweet 16’ card and they looked back at photos of all the milestones.

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Jyll said that she’s essentially a mini version of him and that this connection is a new beginning.  ‘We’ve missed a lot,’ she said. Hopefully, this is the first father’s day celebration of many to come.  

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