Woow! American Couple Pose For A Wedding Shot At Women’s March In Chicago

The traffic caused by the massive turnout at the march, and the road closures around the city made it impossible for them to reach the Limo which was originally planned to get them to the wedding.

Marko and Allison Milincic had to cut through the women march in Chicago on the way to their wedding ceremony on January 21, 2017.

Hence – they walked  through the crowd – and of course, that provided them a great opportunity to create one pretty amazing wedding moment which their photographer, Jai Girard captured perfectly.

The iconic women’s march took place at several locations on January 21, 2017 (Elle)

“We walked through the marching area and people surrounded us and started chanting ‘love trumps hate,’”says the bride to Inside Edition. “It was amazing.”

Jai Girard their photographer also tells Huffington Post how terrific and incredible the atmosphere at the march was, as people created a clearing and cheered the couple on.

Because the roads were blocked Marko and Allison could not get to their designated Limo (Elle)

“It was jubilant and exciting with cheering for the bride and groom,” she said.

Luckily, Marko and Allison were able to make it early to the ceremony, where we believe they made more wonderful memories.

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