Woow! Doctor Extracts Bottle Cap From Man’s Stomach With A Male Contraceptive (Photos)

Weiping who is the chief of gastroenterology at, Lianyungagn Hospital decided to use a contraceptive to wrap the bottle cap before moving it out of the man’s stomach.

A doctor, Ju Weiping has extracted a bottle cap from a patient’s stomach using a male contraceptive during surgery.

Doctor extracts

Doctor extracts bottle cap from man’s stomach with a male contraceptive

He said the latex contraceptive tool prevented the cap from scratching and damaging any organs as it was being removed.

The patient, identified by his surname, Liu had been drinking with friends when he ingested the cap of his beer.

Liu informed the medical staff on duty that he swallowed a bottle cap because he had been drinking too fast. Doctors later advised him to return to the hospital in the morning for the surgery when his stomach is empty.

 He was taken to the accident and emergency room around 10:00pm on Friday, January 6th and his surgery was performed on Saturday, January 7th.

The doctor originally trained as an electrical engineer before attending medical school in 1978. He said his training as an engineer gave him the skills he needed to safely remove the cap from Liu’s stomach.

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