Woow! Woman Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Boy In McDonald’s Bathroom

April Jones, whose mother works as a cashier at the McDonald’s, said she met her mother at the store for lunch about 10 a.m. local time on December 17 when she heard a call for help.

A nurse having lunch with her mother at a McDonald’s in Florida, USA ended up helping to deliver a baby boy in the eatery’s bathroom.

The man was Sean Jordan, and his wife, Cathy Jordan, was giving birth in the restaurant’s bathroom.


Cathy said she was surprised to go into labour during what she thought would be a normal trip to the bathroom.

I felt the baby’s head. This scream came out of me came, from my toes, quite the scream. The whole restaurant heard it. Somebody in the other stall asked if I was ok I said ‘No I’m having a baby,’” Cathy told WTSP-TV.

Jones said she placed the mother on two jackets and the baby came quickly.

It all happened very fast,” Jones said. “She pushed, then pushed again and the baby was out. At first, he was blue and not breathing. That’s when the paramedics came.”

Jones and Sean assisted as the the paramedics worked to free the baby from the umbilical cord around his neck and encourage him to breathe.

I had oxygen on the baby’s face, and he gave a gulp of air … Best sound of my life,” Sean said. “To be sitting there, thinking going to lose your child and to hear the baby breath … the best feeling … changed my life.”

Jones said she was relieved to see the baby breathe.

Miracle at Sarasota McDonalds: Baby born in bathroom stalls

By that time, the baby breathed like he was a fish out of water,” Jones said. “Emergency officials took over from there.”

Cathy was rushed to the hospital, with Sean Jordan and Jones following in the couple’s car.

He’s perfect — 10 fingers, 10 toes, beautiful dimples. He’s got a full head of hair,” Cathy said of newborn Parker, who weighed in at 5 pounds and 9 ounces.

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