World’s Youngest Programmer – Zora Ball

The world of programmers and computers is where we find few women today. It is surprising to have a younger woman of around age 7 so interested that she became the worlds youngest programmer. Meet Zora Ball the youngest programmer.
When most of us think back to our childhood, memories of double dutch, dodgeball or learning to write a complete sentence come to mind.

When child prodigy Zora Ball looks back at her formative years, she’ll remember the first programming app she created.

In 2013 at just 7 years old, Ball became the youngest program developer in the world after she created a full-version mobile game application.


A student at West Philadelphia’s Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School, Ball created the video game during an after school program that focuses on introducing students to STEM education.

After being taught  a simpler way of coding, Ball used her new found skills to create to program her first game,  Vampire Diamonds. According to an article published in Jezebel, Ball was asked to recreate the program after people speculated it wasn’t her work. Like the #BlackGirlMagic she is, Ball recreated the program, instantly silencing the haters.

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