You’ve Been Carrying Baby Car Seats Wrong Your Entire Life, Here’s How To Do It Properly

Despite welcoming a sweet little bundle of joy to the world, being a parent can sometimes be a painful experience–mentally, emotionally and physically. From sleepless nights when they’re a baby to the constant need to remind your toddler of simple things like making sure they brush their teeth every day, the responsibilities of a parent never end.

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What if we told you that you could eliminate one of the pains of parenthood? If you have a baby and are constantly finding your back to be in pain from lugging around that heavy and awkward shaped baby car seat with you multiple times a day, then you may find this YouTube video from Bridge Family Chiro extremely useful!

The majority of people who pick up baby car seats hook their arms under the handle, which results in them leaning over to one side as they sway into it while walking. This is uncomfortable. Don’t do it! Dr. Emily Peunte of the Bridge Family explains that there is a much better way to hold a baby car seat, which in the long run may help save your back.

She has created a video showing the proper way to lift the baby car seat. The video has already been shared over 90 thousand times in the last two months! It’s no surprise that this has become a hot topic with parents and she’s more than ecstatic to share her discovery.

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Dr. Emily Peunte demonstrates that looping your arm around the handle, then hoisting it up and grabbing the car seat on its side allows you to support the car seat with your arm and hand.

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This helps take the strain off your back and allows you to walk with a straight posture because all the weight is distributed throughout your arm instead!

We want to extend a BIG thank you to this Texan chiropractor for sharing her useful tip that has helped many parents keep their back pain to a minimum and save more energy for playing with their little ones.

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