10 Life Hacks for Travelling with Kids

Sometimes a kid can cause so much trouble in our everyday life. Not to mention about going to the foreign country, a village or a huge city. Taking care of children may spoil your mood and ruin your vacation.

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These ten tips will turn the trip into an easy and pleasant adventure. Some of them will help to engage a child for the trip; some will make the traveling process safe and comfortable.

  1. A bracelet

Make a tiny piece of jewelry and write down mom’s cellphone number there. Such a simple thing will be a lifesaver in case a child gets lost. Numbers can be put down on the small beads.

  1. A tattoo

You can also put a temporary tattoo on a kid’s hand or leg saying, “If I am lost, please call …” In spite of a bracelet that a kid can lose or tear, a tattoo will remain on a child during the whole trip or even longer. Just pick the right place on the kid’s body, which he/she will not reach and consequently peal the tattoo off.

  1. A hammock

A hammock for a kid? Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Anyway, it will be a true sheet anchor during trips by train or plain. A hammock is attached to the sitting in front of you. Your hands will definitely hurt after hours holding a baby. Therefore, this interesting type of fixture will save you.

  1. A frozen sponge

Another tip for any traveler including moms and daddies. It is a simple idea to keep the products cooled and fresh. Just put a wet sponge in the freezer and when it is frozen, put in a food container covered in a poly bag. Ripe fruits, vegetables, soups, purees tend to go off very fast. Especially when the temperatures are rather high. Parents must think about the safety and comfort of their children. Let the sponge care about the food.

  1. A pillow

Everyone knows that there is nothing worse in this world than a bored child. Except for different games, toys take a pillow during a trip by car. Put a pillow on a child’s knees with an ordinary tray on it. A plain surface is a perfect playground for reading, eating, playdough and netbook with cartoons.

  1. An organizer for shoes

All the toys, games, various cards will be kept in order during a trip. A child will be able to take anything he or she wants without turning everything into a mess or disturbing parents.

  1. Books

Of course, the fund of knowledge is perfect to put a child into bed. However, it turns out there is also one more aim for ordinary books. Have you ever wondered how to keep your kid from falling during his/her sleep in a ship’s cabin (cuddy) or train? There you go. Put the books perpendicularly on the end of a bed. Sweet dreams!

  1. An elastic

All of us want both the fresh and ready-to-eat food during a trip. I am sure each mother will hardly find a minute simply to cut an apple for a kid while traveling. We found a way. Cut an apple in advance and fold the pieces as they did before your manipulations. Fix them with several elastics. A fruit will not even change the color.

  1. Planning

Have a fixed plan for every day of your trip and stick to it. A hurry with children is the worst that can happen. You cannot go with a stream as you did before, wandering in the evenings looking for a decent hotel.  Planning is the most important condition if you want to enjoy the trip with kids.

  1. Forget about the night flights

At least until your child reached four. This way kid’s sleep is normalized. Therefore, you will not get tired or mad entertaining your baby at night. What is the most essential you will not consider your child to be a burden? The lack of sleep will make you irritated during the next days. Trips that begin in the morning and last for the whole day are better for children. Many experienced mothers prove this fact.

Have a safe and comfortable trip with kids! Thanks to our friends from https://uabrides.com/ for providing this article.


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