10 Things No One Is Allowed To Do In Front Of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has met hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in her lifetime. But one must remember when meeting Her Majesty, there are just certain things you shouldn’t do in order to avoid looking rude or offending her.

Protocol says anyone meeting Queen Elizabeth for the first time should wait for her to extend her hand first. And even afterwards, contact should be kept to a minimum. That means hugs and kisses are a major no no.

You shouldn’t be sitting

As soon as the Queen enters the room, everyone must stand to greet her</a> and should not sit down until she does. Only then is it polite to take a rest.

If you're a citizen of the United States, you can simply shake hands, but in&nbsp;Great Britain, men and women must bow or curtsy. When Angelina Jolie, who is a US citizen met the Queen, you see she did a little of all three...


Source: www.countryliving.co.uk

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