The 10 Worst Movies Of 2017

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2017 has been an absolutely cracking year in film (check out the best of year) – we’ve had an absolute wealth of quality drama, smart sci-fi, ground-breaking horror, funny, grown-up superhero movies and now STAR WARS!!! But along with the hits there’ll always be the misses.

No one sets out to make a bad movie. But sometimes they do it by accident. Here are 10 movies that totally stank up the place in 2017.

1. The Book of Henry

Possibly our favourite terrible movie of the year, The Book of Henry is a mawkish and incredibly misjudged drama about a mum who considers becoming a murderous vigilante after her dead son leaves her a home-made training manual explaining how to assassinate their abusive neighbour.

It’s weird, it’s unintentionally funny and poor old Naomi Watts is very bad in it. Is this the reason director Colin Trevorrow was dropped from Star Wars: Episode IX? We can but speculate.

2. Underworld: Blood Wars

Let’s face it, the main reason people still turn up to these movies is to see Kate Beckinsale in PVC trousers, so it’s perhaps churlish to point out that the franchise has gone seriously cold. This one is a deeply un-fun actioner for no one but die-hard fans.

3. Rings

Remember when Ringu came out and how terrifying and important it was? Yeah, well don’t ruin that memory by going to see this attempted franchise reboot which had a glimmer of promise in the premise (research students operate a controlled unit of people watching and passing on the video to study its effects) which it then squanders in favour of another generic back-story arc. Depressingly un-scary.

4. Fifty Shades Darker

We almost feel a little bit sad about having this on the list. It’s not that this is a badly made film – director James Foley has had a good go – it’s just that it’s such an unbelievably stupid story packed with terrible dialogue. In this one there’s a bit about a sleazy boss, a helicopter crash and a troubled ex and Kim Basinger gets slapped in the face, but it’s all just (horrible) decoration for the (not even that kinky) shagging scenes.

5. A Cure for Wellness

The trailers looked gorgeous, and to be fair, the visuals are great, which is just as well for a movie this loooooong and stooooopid. Dane DeHaan is the high flying businessman sent to track down a former colleague who has disappeared in a mysterious spa retreat. But when he arrives it seems like they’re trying to keep him there. What’s going on? When you find out, eyes will roll.

6. ChiPs

Not funny, kind of homophobic, mean-spirited buddy-cop movie that was just completely misjudged and vanished at the box office. Based on the ’70s and ’80s show about two California Highway patrol cops, it totally failed in all the ways 21 Jump Streetsucceeded.

7. Aftermat

This was Arnie having a go at doing serious drama. “Could this be his awards moment?” we wondered before we actually watched the film. “No,” was the answer.

What begins as an interesting character piece – Arnie is a construction worker whose wife and child are killed in a plane crash, Scoot McNairy is the air-traffic controller who bears responsibility for the accident – turns into a horrible revenge story. A deeply unpleasant film that Arnie really couldn’t carry.

8. King Arthur: Legend of The Sword

Who really thought this was a good idea? A new King Arthur story directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Charlie Hunnam and David Beckham, which reinvents Arthurian legend to turn it into a geezer-pleasing action movie? Well no one, it turns out – this was one of the biggest flops of the year.

9. Baywatch

The tanking of Baywatch clearly came as a surprise to movie execs who blamed its failure on reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, where it lingered on a rotten score of 18%. Of course, that’s because the film isn’t very good.

Shame really, a self-aware nostalgia comedy with everyone’s favourite rock, Dwayne Johnson, should have been gold but crass gags and tone problems left it floundering in the shallows instead.

10. The Emoji Movie

Frontrunner for worst movie of the year, what’s slightly depressing is that this piece of utter chocolate ice-cream emoji actually took $200 million worldwide. An incredibly dull, ugly, pointless and cynical exercise which is essentially one giant ad for apps. If that’s not enough, it features Sir Patrick Stewart voicing a poo emoji. Low blow, people.

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