11 Facts About Girls That You Must Remember

Girls prefer to keep silent about it. Sometimes, if you have a strong enough insight, you can figure it out yourself. But if you know about them for sure, you will have much less problems with girls. We guarantee that, buddy. So read carefully and remember. And better take a notepad, a pencil, write down all this and always keep in close availability.


Fact 1: Female intuition exists. She really is able to feel why you momentarily hesitated when she asked you how the secretary of your boss is living there, this sexy blonde with huge “frontage” that broke her ankle a week ago. Your only way out, if you allowed yourself to be trapped, is to completely give up lying. Otherwise, all your tricks will be instantly disclosed, and you yourself admit everything. Female intuition is a huge force to be reckoned with.


Fact 2: Every girl is sure that all of her former boyfriends dream of renewing relationship with her. It’s funny, but they are waiting for this moment, as the most important event in life. Here’s another paradox of female logic. But dare to use what you just read as an argument in a dispute with your girlfriend. Otherwise, you risk running into a scandal with insults, resentment and other delights that girls are guaranteed to show, meeting the exact and just sarcasm from the mouth of their beloved guy.


Fact 3: If a girl starts a conversation with the words … “you’re a very good guy,” you can collect things and do not listen to it until the end. The ending of this conversation is always the same. There are no exceptions.


Fact 4: Girls adore extravagant nicknames. They generally love everything that sets them apart from the masses. So, call her a “raccoon”, “my little opossum,” even “my sexy platypus,” but give up “baby” and “dear.” And yes, by the way, the more original the nickname is, the less chance that you have already called someone so. Female logic,buddy!


Fact 5: She does not like your mother. More precisely, maybe she likes her, but she does not go to any comparison with her mother. She would like to spend holidays with her mother, but instead she is constantly forced to smile and be friendly with her potential rival. So, if you want to have less quarrels between you, try to praise her mother and come to visit her at every opportunity. This, of course, is far from an equitable balance in the relationship, but it’s at least something.


Fact 6: If she is interested in the name of your favorite football player … it’s not at all because of a sudden love for sports. She’s just trying to pick up passwords for your mail. So, start looking after your gadgets more closely. Perhaps it’s time to cover up the tracks leading to some “unwanted” sex adventures.


Fact 7: At the beginning of a relationship, girls are always a little flirting with your friends and colleagues. She does this not because she is a bit … a whore or a lover to bring men to a nervous tremor. It’s not like that at all. She just wants your friends to approve of her as a “good variant.” So, look at this behavior as a clear demonstration of your success. You’re a real alpha male.


Fact 8: She is ready to forgive the lack of money or light unshaven on the first date. But she will never forgive boredom and lack of imagination. So, if your financial situation allows you only to go to the cinema and buy ice cream for the lady, start actively reading fiction and generally working with the brain more often. For a time of total lack of money, the imagination is your only friend.


Fact 9: A woman does not see anything wrong with having getting intimate with you on a first date, if she likes you. But she will not do it anyway. Why? We do not know. No one knows.


Fact 10: Girls appreciate memorable dates. Those are the dates you always forget about. So start to learn poetry by heart and develop memory.


Fact 11: She’s always evaluating you. And she can be disappointed if you suddenly cease to correspond to her ideas about masculinity. One of our informants says: it dawned on her that she would not sleep with this man when he drove her home. “Driving is about power and control,” the lady shares her experiences. – And he drove the car somehow… snotty. ”

Thanks to our friends from Casanova style for providing this article.

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