11 Million People Reportedly Watched ‘Bright’ On Netflix In First Three Days

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Variety is reporting that 11 million people watched the Will Smith and Joel Edgerton action sci-fi Bright in its first three days over on Netflix. The report is according to Nielsen estimates and focusses upon streams from December 22nd-24th.


The same report says that Bright was less popular than supernatural-thriller series Stranger Things season 2 — but drew a bigger crowd than the second series of The Crown, which also debuted in December.

Netflix doesn’t reveal such metrics for its viewership officially, so haven’t authenticated the numbers, but if this is so, Bright is a considerable hit for the service. Despite costing a reported $90 million, and being met with mixed reviews in critics’ circles, the film has certainly found an audience, and viewers are reportedly pleased with what they see. A Bright sequel has already been mentioned, but time will tell if that ever sees the light of day.

Bright is now streaming on Netflix.

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