11 Problems All Hot Girls Face

To be attractive and sexy is a gift from heaven and a curse simultaneously. Hot girls have to maintain their good looks on a daily basis, and society (its female part) is not very friendly towards them. There are many stereotypes and misconceptions about beautiful women.  Usually, they are created by envious women or rejected men. In order to reveal the truth, we made a list of small and big issues hot girls encounter from time to time.

  1. They feel insecure.
    It may sound weird, but many really beautiful women lack self-confidence. This lack of confidence makes them constantly develop themselves and improve their appearances. Thirst for self-improvement stems from the problems with self-appraisal that drives these women to perfection.
  2. People set high expectations for them.
    A hot girl is expected to look stunning and be joyful no matter what. If her beauty is not dazzling enough, people think she is sick or sad. Those high expectations limit her own freedom and don’t let her be carefree at times.
  3. They are envied.
    There is such thing as women’s solidarity. But there is also such thing as women’s envy. Everything is quite obvious. If a girl is sexy and beautiful, she is a potential competitor, and many girls, often uncontrollably, start hating all those girls who look stunning or those who are more beautiful than them.
  4. They can’t be confident in men’s intentions.
    Very often, a hot girl gets lost in doubts as to real intentions of her boyfriend. Does he love her for her personal qualities or just for her appearance? Sometimes men choose hot girlfriends to appear more attractive in their light.
  5. People think everything comes easy to hot girls.
    Beauty is not only a harmonious combination of genes but also a kind of stigma. If a woman is hot, people think that she gets everything hands down. They neglect the fact that she works hard not just on her appearance but her success as well.
  6. They are often preys to sexual harassment.
    A hot girl can find herself right in the center of a big issue. Increased attention to their looks sometimes turns into a nightmare. Sexual harassment at work or in the street, sexism, or objectification – they do their best in order not to provoke anything of that.
  7. People think they are stupid.
    In people’s minds, if a woman is beautiful, she is not very intelligent. Following their logic, she spends all of her time on maintaining her beauty or gets what she wants without any intellectual efforts.
  8. Their partners may feel awkward.
    If a man dates a hot girl, he should be ready that all eyes will be on his girlfriend. It often results on jealousy, suspicion, and arguments. Even if she is decent and loyal, one compliment from a stranger can cause a big trouble.
  9. They have few female friends.
    Hot women don’t make friends with other girls so easily. There is always the spirit of competitiveness and women are usually afraid of their very hot “sisters”. Of course, it doesn’t mean that a beautiful woman can’t have a female friend. Probably, she has a time-tested friend she’s known since childhood.
  10. It’s a problem if their male friend has a girlfriend.
    If your boyfriend had a hot female friend, you’d be definitely jealous, wouldn’t you? Not because she is a bad person, but simply because she is beautiful and your boyfriend might view her not only as a friend.
  11. They rarely receive compliments.
    Men compliment women to please them and to boost their confidence. When they see a hot girl, they think she is confident enough and she is aware of her hotness, so they decide not to remind her of it. As a result, really beautiful women are devoid of men’s attention because men think she has somebody to receive compliments from. Thanks to our friends from https://j4l.com/for providing this article.

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