We Will Kill, Slaughter And Burn Your People Just As We Did To Paris – ISIS Threatens Obama

ISIS terrorist group has issued fresh threats against the United States of America.


THE SUN UK reports that ISIS made the threat via a new video published online. In the video, an ISIS terrorist with an accent addressing President Barrack Obama, says, “Paris isn’t far from you – we will by Allah’s permission do to your country what we did to Paris.

“We will kill, slaughter and burn your people. Inshallah [God willing], we will attack you very soon with anything we lay our hands on.”

The video then cuts to an old video of Jihadi John, dressed in black and wearing a balaclava, standing over captives alongside his fellow terror-nuts.

In that infamous video, from 2014, the narrator speaks with a London accent and points his knife to the camera.

He says: “To Obama, the dog of Rome, today we are slaughtering the soldiers of Pasha, tomorrow, we will be slaughtering your soldiers. We will soon, like your puppet David Cameron said, begin to slaughter your people, on your streets.”

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